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By now, businesses would have heard of Wildix and their professional web-based Unified Communication and Collaboration system. Helping companies with 50 to 1000 users grow their business, their 100% secure, easy-to-use platform encourages productivity and efficiency across the board.

By adding new features, such as the Wildix WebRTC KITE, they are consistently improving and enhancing the experience of both the business and the customer.

All About Wildix WebRTC KITE Feature

What Does KITE Do?

Fully integrated into Wildix Unified Communication system, KITE converts your business website into an efficient marketing and sales tool. It is a professional solution for business communication based on WebRTC technology, enabling direct two-way communication with your website visitors.

What is WebRTC Technology?

WebRTC technology is a fully secure protocol present on every communication device and technology. When accessed via a web browser, users can use real-time communications methods to transfer information without installing any special software.

So, with Wildix WebRTC KITE, a customer can communicate with the company directly through instant chat, text message, phone call, video call, desktop sharing and file transfer from your website, email or even your business card. The right member of staff will be notified wherever they are and have the ability to share their screen and documents too. As well as this, KITE includes:

  • Smart distribution for WebRTC Kite requests, shared voicemail and missed call view to manage requests and leads.
  • A dedicated dashboard to monitor contacts flows.
  • Consistent design ensures better usability and experience.
  • Incoming/Outgoing SMS to contact customers instantly.

How Does KITE Integrate?

There are many ways KITE can integrate throughout your website, from your email and even your business cards:

  • Live Chat on Website: Include a widget on your website to highlight strengths against competitors and show your availability for customers. Personalise it with an image, geolocation, etc. and embed it wherever you want on your site.
  • Switch from Emails: Give email recipients the ability to chat with you in real-time rather than communicate through email chains.
  • Connect Through QR: Let customers chat directly with you by scanning your unique QR code on your business card.

Wildix WebRTC Kite is fully integrated into the Wildix telephony system, so chat requests and audio calls are all managed through your Wildix system. Chat requests can be routed to separate call agents/groups and transferred to other users like traditional phone calls too.

Completely Connect with Customers Using Wildix WebRTC KITE Feature

Enhance your reachability through the internet by eliminating the virtual obstacles and turn internet visitors into customers. A “Contact Us” button isn’t enough, visitors want more and you want more revenue, so what are you waiting for?

Embed the full capabilities of your communications platform into your website today and see the results for yourself. Talk to one of our team to find out more and to try out KITE today !

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