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Our business phone systems allow us to stay connected with customers, clients and colleagues. As an essential piece of communication equipment, it’s important to make sure that your phone system is kept up to date with the ever-evolving technological world.

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to replace your office handset, here are some indicators you should consider.

Signs to Replace Your Business Phone System

Handset is Old & Damaged

Has your phone system gone through some wear and tear over the years? If your handset looks visibly old and damaged, this is a great tell-tale sign that it needs replacing. Also, if your call quality is also noticeably impaired, this is another indication that it may be time to upgrade your phone system and improve both the look and sound of your handset.

Had Your Handset for a Long Time

How long have you had this business phone system in your office? If it’s been for a few years or you can’t even remember, take this as a signal that it needs replacing. As your phone system gets older, the hardware will depreciate, and replacement parts will be harder to find making it more difficult and expensive to repair if somethings goes wrong.

Your Handset Isn’t Adaptable

Has your business grown over the years and your phone system can’t keep up? It’s extremely important for your business phone systems to be flexible alongside your growing business. If you are thinking of expanding to new locations and it’s problematic to move your handset with you or add new phone lines to accommodate extra staff, this is a definite sign to replace it.

Benefits of Replacing & Updating Your Business Phone System

Save Money

Replacing your business phone system with a new VoIP system is a completely cost-effective solution. Not only will you save money on bills, but you will also save money on maintenance and repairs from your old phone system.

New Features Added

Even if you already have a Cloud phone system, by upgrading this to new Cloud platforms, you will reap the benefits of a huge number of features. Of course, you will still be able to make and receive phone calls like your old phone system, but you will also be able to monitor call quality, record calls, access call routing and much more!

Essential Functionality

One thing that has been made clear by the global pandemic is the ease of ability to switch from office to remote working is essential. Replacing and updating your current business phone system can help you become more mobile, more flexible and more reliable for your clients.

As well as this, Unified Communications are also necessary with working from home. New, updated phone systems can cater for this technology allowing your team to collaborate wherever they are working. Accessibility and flexibility are fundamental nowadays and you can achieve this by replacing your current phone system.

Business Phone Systems from Ocean Telecom

Once you update your business phone system, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without this improved technology. At Ocean Telecom, we provide the best telephone systems for your business that fit your specific requirements alongside excellent expertise and advice.

Contact us today to discuss your business needs with one of our friendly team members.

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