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Following Boris’ recent announcement, businesses may start to return to some sort of normal after 21 st June. Even though remote working has been a saviour for most, moving back to the office post-lockdown seems to be the main goal for the future.

Nevertheless, this transition back to ‘normal’ will not be simple and there are a lot of things to consider in order to make sure your team are prepared and feel as safe as possible.

Things to Remember for Your Post-Lockdown Office Return

Communicate the Return to Office Post-Lockdown Plan

First things first, you need to make sure that your plan is well thought-out and structured. Then, this needs to be clearly relayed to your team, so everyone is on the same page and feels just as prepared as you. There may be some employees who are not feeling as ready to return, so you need to be aware of their concerns and support accordingly.

Answer any questions your team may have and reassure them that you have thought this through. Communication is very important at this stage and you need to remember to plainly communicate new processes, procedures and policies that will no doubt be implemented due to the effects of the pandemic. This will aid a smooth transition and make sure you are collectively prepared for the move.

Reorganise the Office Interior

A great preparation tip is for an individual to visit the office before the return to reorganise the interior. Although normally quite spacious, distance will need to be exaggerated more for everyone to feel comfortable in the same area again.

In both the work spaces and the social spaces, look for ways to break up clustered furniture and rearrange to create more distance. Even consider switching fabric furniture to easy-to-clean materials, so you can make sure you abide by strict hygiene guidelines. Utilise rooms that aren’t used as much for desks to be moved to and, if you have outdoor space, use this to your advantage. By doing all of this beforehand, you can have peace of mind that you’re ready to go.

Review & Update Communication Technology

As well as furniture and your office interior, it’s important to think about your communication tools too. With the switch from in-office working to working from home, there’s no doubt that your phone lines and communication technology were adapted to cater to a more virtual world. The question is: will you carry on using these or will you switch back?

Analyse your communication tools carefully and think about what should stay, what should go, what you like and what you don’t. Speak to your team and see what they think too, so you are all happy with what technology will move with you. With the unpredictability proven to us in 2020, we believe that sticking with some of your remote working tools would be beneficial in case of any changes arising again.

New Year, New Start, New Office?

If you’ve decided to opt for a completely new start with a new office in a new location, make sure you are all set up before the return post-lockdown. Do you need new cabling work put in place? Do you require a new business phone system to be installed?

If you’re not sure of what you need and would like to talk to the telecoms experts for some advice and guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We understand that the global pandemic has altered the way we work, and we are here to help you adapt.

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