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Analogue and ISDN Care Levels


Openreach Care Levels

To better understand how quickly a line fault will be repaired, together with the implications, please read the following information:

Your lines are ultimately carried over the BT network, and that network is maintained by Openreach. How quickly a fault is looked at and resolved by Openreach depends entirely upon the Care Level that is applied to your lines. The lines in question include:


ISDN lines are for voice traffic only, so you should consider how long your business could cope without the ability to make or receive calls.

Analogue lines can carry voice, but are actually more commonly also carrying broadband. That broadband may be used for your email, web browsing, SIP (internet lines), or Hosted telephone service.  A problem with an analogue line carrying broadband could therefore cripple a business for the duration of a fault!

limit the impact of faults, by choosing the right Care Level!

If we run diagnostics and no fault is found but you insist on an engineer call out the charge is £125.00 including first hour then £50.00 per hour after that. If an engineer attends and any fault is customer equipment or caused by the customer then the charge will be applied. If the fault is with the lines then no charge applies.

Here are the Care Levels offered by Openreach:

Service Maintenance Level 1  – Clear by the end of the day after next, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays and Bank Holidays.

Example:   Fault reported between 00.01 – 23.59.59 on Tuesday would therefore have a commitment time of 23.59.59 on Thursday.

Service Maintenance Level 2 is the standard care we provided with each line

Service Maintenance Level 2  – Clear by end of next working day, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holidays and Bank Holidays,

Example:     Fault reported at any time between 00.01 – 23.59.59 on Tuesday would therefore have a commitment time of 23.59.59 on Wednesday.

Service Maintenance Care Level 3  – Reported by 12.59 – clear by 23.59.59 same day. Reported after 13.00 – clear by 12.59.59 next day (Monday – Sunday including Public and Bank Holidays)

Service Maintenance Care Level 4  – 6hr fix round the clock, 365 days a year (the customer needs to be available 24/7 to give Openreach access)

Speak to your Ocean Account Manager to confirm what cover you have, and whether it’s the right cover for your business needs!

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