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Microsoft Teams has been a vital communication tool for businesses, especially throughout the pandemic, alongside Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) tools and VoIP phone systems. How about if you could combine these technologies together though?

Now, there is no need to wonder, as Microsoft Teams can now be integrated with your VoIP phone system! There is no hardware or software required, just a regular extension that enables you to make and receive calls over the internet whilst benefitting from additional features and Microsoft Teams functionality.

Available for both Wildix and LG/iPECS, let’s take a look how this integration works and the advantages it can bring businesses.

How Does the Integration Work with Wildix?

Wildix have developed a plugin called “teams4Wildix” which facilitates the connection between a Wildix PBX and the Microsoft Teams platform. This integration is different from the others as it is the only one that doesn’t require additional Microsoft licenses, it is available for PBX users immediately.

Once the integration is complete, a “Wildix Collaboration” tab is added to the Microsoft Teams interface; from this tab, users can make and receive calls using the WebRTC softphone from Wildix .

Not only this, but you are also able to benefit from the other advanced features from Wildix such as call transfers, call forwarding, Day/Night service, music on hold, and other key VoIP services.

How Does the Integration Work with LG & iPECS?

Similarly, Microsoft Teams connects to the LG iPECS Cloud like a regular extension without any hardware or software to install. Combining UCC together with iPECS, you have an enhanced voice solution that can be set up in minutes.

No matter whether you’re a new iPECS customer or an existing one, this is an easy way to join together the tools you use every day. Maximise your investments in both Microsoft Teams and iPECS with this easy integration.

Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Teams

There are many benefits for businesses for bringing these 2 tools together. These include:

  • Reducing the number of applications needed and streamlining the process
  • Increasing productivity levels with everything in one place and enhancing the collaboration
  • Achieving business goals quicker due to the increased efficiency
  • Delivering call recording and call analytics to every user
  • Providing one reliable hub for all communication and collaboration tools

Integrating Wildix or iPECS with Microsoft Teams produces a fully-equipped virtual workspace for any business. Do you need help with your cloud phone system or integration? Get in touch with the experts at Ocean Telecom today who would be more than happy to help!

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