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Get to know the Ocean Telecom team more by reading our series of interviews we will be publishing in our news area.

Here’s another profile on one of our team members, so you can find out more about Matt and what it’s like to work at Ocean.

Matt Stanbridge’s Bio

Matt is a valued member of the Ocean Telecom family after working here for 5 years as a Customer Account Manager in our Sales team. In his early 30’s, Matt is a keen golfer and sports fan with a larger than life character!

He has a passion to advise and look after customers in order to deliver the high levels of service we always aim to achieve here at Ocean.

Interview with Our Customer Account Manager

  1. A few work-related questions first, then we’d like to get to know you a bit. So, you work as a Customer Account Manager, what does a typical day working at Ocean Telecom look like for you?

One of the main things I like about working at Ocean is that there are always different things to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I will have customers emails throughout the day and I will respond quickly to get the matters resolved.

They could be queries about their products, a particular package, or sometimes they even email me to help with a technical issue (thankfully we’ve got a great team to help with that!). Existing customers contact me to order new products and I must keep on top of my prospects to bring on board new clients as well.

2. What is the key message you would like to tell clients / potential clients about the current changes in the telecom industry?

There are so many changes within this industry, every month it seems there are new products around the telecoms marketplace.

The thing to hammer home now is the ISDN switch off – this is when BT will turn off old network technology and cease PSTN lines. This will affect millions of businesses across the UK and we need to help with this. I would strongly advise any customers to get in contact now as this is happening in 2025 and if you leave it too late, it will be chaos!

3. How has the pandemic affected telecoms and where do you see the industry going in the future?

A high number of existing and new businesses switched services to us as customers have had to find new, smarter ways of working. Telecoms is a key element of doing this! Our systems allow staff to work from anywhere and this was very vital for so many businesses.

I can see this being the norm for the future. Here at Ocean, I work in the office one or two days a week and from home the remaining days. Having a phone system which allows me to take calls on my laptop or mobile and video chat or conference has been so effective.

4. Ocean Telecom supply business mobile packages but why should customers use us and not go to the networks directly?

Two words for this: Customer Service. Contacting any mobile network can be tough and quite frankly painful. If you go through Ocean for your mobile needs, I am just a quick message, email or a call away. Here I can then deal with the networks directly and resolve any issues you have. This then allows our customers to carry on with their busy day.

5. What is the strangest or most odd request you have ever had from a customer?

Quite a boring one here unfortunately; I would have to say going to site and carrying out an install. I put a new system in for my partner’s dad’s sporting goods store and, to help them save on labour costs, I carried out the install myself. This was very strange, but I am pleased to say it was a success. No problems with the system yet – touch wood!

6. Now, let’s find out about who Matt is outside of Telecoms – what are your main interests and hobbies?

I am very sporty and enjoy most sport activities. My main three have to be football (Chelsea fan for my sins), horse racing and golf. The latter, I am playing most weeks now and seem to be getting better at.

7. What is your most annoying habit?

No one likes to say their faults or annoying attributes, but for me I would have to say lack of patience. My Partner Jemma would certainly agree! I really am not the most patient person in the world; it seems I need everything to be done quickly at about 500MPH and this is just not always achievable.

8. Do you have any phobias or fears?

Both animals here for my biggest fears. Spiders and Snakes absolutely terrify me. Put both together in a certain location and I will be keeping well clear of it.

9. Have you ever met someone famous?

I was at the racing with an old employer and we were in hospitality – and we shared a box with Ray Winston and his family. His daughter Jaime is an actress and I spent most the day talking to her about her film career. It was a great day and night.

10. Do you have a nickname? If not has anyone at Ocean Telecom? (Keep it clean!)

Just Stanners really for a nickname – for whoever came up with this name, not much thought went into it, so it would seem!

11. Favourite band or song?

For me with music, the cheesier the better. I love 80s music and one of my fave groups is Abba. I do like my rock as well from the 80s, so I would have to say Bon Jovi always has to be my number one song of all time.

12. Craziest thing you have ever done? (That you can tell us!)

Ran a half marathon having only briefly left school. Back at 17, I was much fitter than I am now and could do the half. One day maybe I can do the full London marathon, it’s certainly on my to do list. Just the half takes a lot of training and can be brutal and crazy but I did enjoy it.

13. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

One of the oldest yet most effective sayings, treat people with the same respect as you would like to be treated. No matter who you come across, treat people with how you would like to be treated. This came from my mother and was given to me a while ago but it certainly stuck out.

If you have any questions for our team or would like to discuss your telecoms needs with our experts, please get in touch with us directly.

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