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At Ocean Telecom, we have been delivering Wildix Unified Communications to our customers for years. Their solutions take business communications to new heights and it doesn’t stop there.

We are resellers for x-hoppers, the revolutionary way to communicate in the retail sector to deliver an unparallel in-store customer experience.

A Profile on x-hoppers

x-hoppers is a complete retail headset system that has evolved to create a more positive in-store experience and, in turn, increase conversions. Syncing to Wildix’s smart communication platform hosted in the Cloud, every employee is connected and available to receive both in-store and external calls from customers.

Fully wireless, entirely rechargeable and automatic reconnections, every x-hoppers device is smart, proactive and works with your business. It is an all-in-one tool for in-store communications as well as intelligent retail support and data gathering.

x-hoppers Product Features

QR Codes for Point of Contact

x-hoppers allows you to create QR codes at specific products or custom totems which, when scanned, directly alerts store employees. They are notified where assistance is needed in the relevant section of the store by the Wildix Text to Speech feature which states the support request for the specific product in their ear.

There is also a “call me” option in case the customers need immediate help from the backend; Wildix Kite will jump in, so customers can get in contact with an expert for the product they want to buy. In addition to this communication, the QR codes also log whenever they are scanned so retailers can gather useful retail shopper information.

x-hoppers Gather Customer Engagement Analytics

Following on from the point above, x-hoppers automatic logging of QR code scans collates information used to track customer engagement with your products. This means, you can build your own exclusive data systems in order to predict future retail trends. By monitoring customer interactions, you will gain a clear idea of their choices, interests and future purchases.

Secure Connection Using DECT Technology

x-hoppers is built on Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology which means the connection is always secure, private and reliable. The channel is exclusive and local to your store, separate from Wi-Fi, and is efficient for all internal communications.

Benefits of x-hoppers

Instant Customer Support

Employees can deliver excellent customer service in an instant with x-hoppers. With the ability to easily contact other colleagues with queries on inventory, policies or other requests and to answer external calls, customer support can be offered immediately.

Security Alerts & Reporting

If customers are causing issues, there are potential threats around, or suspected shoplifting is taking place, x-hoppers can reinforce communication between the team. Dedicated staff and management can be called upon to help resolve difficult situations, so safety can be maintained and shrinkage can be reduced.

Fast Response to Issues

By hitting one button on their x-hoppers headset, employees can report damaged products to line up efficient replacements and alert their team of any breaks, so there is always a team member on the shop floor. This allows daily workflow management to be streamlined and for the day-to-day operations to run smoothly.

Improved In-Store Experience

By improving store efficiency and customer service, you can increase your sales by 35%. The immediate response from employees enables conversions and sales imminently as well as ensuring customer loyalty in the long run,

Retail Communication Solutions from Ocean Telecom

Leading the way in the future of in-store sales and customer experience, x-hoppers will work wonders for your retail shop. Enhance your customer experience today by getting in touch with the Ocean Telecom team here .

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